Atlanta-based rapper, producer and multimedia artist Jack Preston exudes the inventive ethos of Hip-Hop’s alternate world. The voices and sounds of music’s past innovators such as Outkast, George Clinton, Prince, among many others, have strong imprints in Preston’s music. Equally inspired and informed by J Dilla, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, David Bowie, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali, Preston’s work carries a thread of awareness of the commonality between worlds, and propels us forward into the new and unknown. He balances street adjacent knowledge with social/community ambitions. 

His delivery is rooted in southern dialect, wrapped in a bed of time-warped soundscapes and textures. Live, Preston translates his studio work into electrifying, mind-bending shows like none other.

A military child raised between North Carolina, California, and Georgia, Preston’s surroundings have influenced both his art and unique approach to life. Following in the footsteps of musical family members, he began his personal journey in music as a drummer in marching and Jazz band in grade school. He later picked up guitar and keys in college, where he studied audio production and music performance and delved deeper into music history. Preston spent the immediate years following his graduation developing his craft, soon becoming completely immersed in crate-digging and experimenting with samples and interjecting them with live instrumentation.

Much of Preston’s growth as a person inspired his multiple solo and instrumental projects, as well as a jazz fusion/alt-rock album with Preston’s band The Dojo called In the Land Of Wanderers.  Preston’s solo and instrumental projects include Pickled Beets, The Language of Anguish, untitled#7, The Sonikah Project, and Trouble. Since the release of his 2015 album End of The Future, Preston’s music has landed in TV and film. His latest single “Joyride” became the theme song for 2021’s indie film titled Joyriders. Preston has collaborated with the likes of SMKA, Aleon Craft, Spree Wilson, Sa Roc, Yamin Semali, and Yani.

Outside of music, Preston is one-third of Grassroots tech empowerment collective and media company Digital Good Times, which has been the leading voice of important cultural conversations around people of color in tech and its social impact. Since 2014 Digital Good Times has worked to bridge the gap between disconnected communities by spotlighting compelling stories, producing engaging content and hosting collaborative events. The River, Preston’s third collaborative project with California producer Jon Bom and his first full-length album in six years, is set to release in Fall 2022.